The beautiful italian destination wedding

Let us inspire you!

We’ve inspired our 2018 couples with the glamour and elegance of the ISLAND OF CAPRI, the magic and picturesque countryside of UMBRIA, and the warmth and beauty of the ABRUZZO coast and mountains.

We’re excited for all our Brides & Grooms!

Whether it’s the colorful AMALFI COAST, the magical TUSCAN or UMBRIAN countryside, the natural beauty of the ABRUZZO Mountains, or the white backdrop of the APULIA Coast, we pride ourselves in finding the perfect location for you.

You'll find Mo Wedding & Events in "Italy's new hot destination" as quoted by CNN, in Abruzzo.

Here's what you should know about Abruzzo.


Abruzzo is Castles. Characterized by an abundance of castles, forts, towers, fortified palaces, and watchtowers. There are over a hundred and you can find them scattered across the region.


Abruzzo is Nature. One third of the region is made up of national parks and protected nature reserves placing it as “the greenest region in Europe of its kind”.


Abruzzo is Beaches. The eastern part of the region finishes at the Adriatic sea, easily identifiable by the presence of Trabocchi, storical fishing platforms, primarily made out of wood, built over the sea with long arms resembling antennas.

Stacey & Jared

Where do we even begin with reviewing Monia and her serious wedding planning skills…. First off, we are a couple (American Groom and Canadian Bride) that had a dream of an Italian wedding in Abruzzo over a year ago.

Michela & Nicola

Our wedding was a dream come true! Monia understood right away what our idea of an elegant, refined and ethereal wedding was.  With her innate good-taste, the result was perfect!

Francesca & David Francesca & David

David and I are very much alike so when we decided to get married (that is, when he asked me to marry him) we knew exactly what we wanted…the problem was that we had no idea how to make it come true!!!


Life is beautiful!!!  

Lake Scanno in Abruzzo National Park Italy Gloria & Paolo

I arrived in Abruzzo, Italy the first time in July of 2014.

Morena Wedding Villa Cardinale Italy Morena Rombolà

Monia, a woman of class and experience assisted me with the organization of a wedding for an American couple in Rome.

Giulia & Paul Life in Abruzzo Italy Giulia & Paul

Cases of life brought me and my husband Paul (he is English) to live between Abruzzo and Rome.

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