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It’s not so much “where” but “why”!

Your local wedding planner should be answering the question as to “why” you should get married at a certain place, “why” at a certain time, “why” in that time of the year, well, you get the idea.

Often times they can get caught up in “where” but the “where” without the “why” just doesn’t make sense.

We’ve seen it many times, a request comes in with a list of places in which the couple is interested in receiving a quotation for their wedding which usually begins with Lake Como and Tuscany.  (I’m sure I have some clients giggling now because they’ve been there).  It’s understandable.  George Clooney has a house there and when famous people go on summer vacations, Tuscany is usually the place.  So it’s obvious that all the people around the world who are dreaming their Italian Wedding they usually picture Lake Como or Tuscany as their wedding destination.  But that would suggest that Italy is made up of only two wonderful regions.  Wrong!!  This is where your local wedding planner comes in.  You cannot possibly know Italy like your local wedding planner.  With professional assistance you’ll find the prettiest garden, the most spectacular view, the friendliest community, the bluest ocean, the sandiest beach, and the most magical castle.  So it makes sense to have a professional assist you.

But, most importantly, your wedding planner will help you find the right location for YOU.  That’s right YOU!  Based on what YOU like, based on YOUr budget, based on how YOU envision your day, based on the type of setting YOU’d like.

Why? That’s your wedding planner’s job to answer.