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Wedding Details for our Garden Wedding

The launching of the rice after the ceremony is a long-standing tradition.  It symbolizes wishing them with prosperity, fertility and, of course, good fortune.  It’s not an unexpected moment for the couple but a highly joyful moment for your guests.  It gives them the opportunity to express, sometimes in a very aggressive manner, their joy for the newlyweds.  It as an explosion of energy and we love surprising guests with cute wedding details.

On the market today you’ll find many rice cones made up of paper with little ribbons attached and colorful prints.  But, for this garden wedding with beige and white hues we chose a beautiful Italian white linen with frayed borders in cute little white baskets.  It was a complete reflection of the bride and groom.  They envisioned an elegant wedding, no frills, in a beautiful green setting, nature-lovers themselves, and in love with Italy and Italian design.

It wasn’t the obvious choice and we pride ourselves in knowing it was the best choice.