Your destination wedding planner in Italy


Monia was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. As a child, she frequently spent her summer breaks in Abruzzo visiting her grandparents and playing in the village square and cobble stone passageways.  Monia loved the smell and sounds that emanated from inside the Italian homes.

Growing up, her father, an architect, had a large influence on her.  He encouraged her to participate in many projects allowing her to explore design concepts and colour schemes.  This enhanced her interest in interior design.

Monia recognized that she was drawn to working with others so, upon graduated from The University of Toronto, she chose areas in which good relationships based on honesty and trust made a difference to her clients. A strong team player, she attended numerous courses on planning and project management.

Her passion and love for Italian food and culture led her to eventually move to Italy. Italy would be the place where Monia would launch her wedding and event company and Abruzzo, the home of her family, would offer the scenery.

Monia would continue cultivating her interests by assisting in events and home renovations to put her sense of style into practice.

She has an innate ability to take an empty space and transform it into a beautiful living space, a romantic backdrop and inspiring event. She enjoys spending time to get to know others to get a sense of what people like and what makes them unique in their own way.

Each event is an expression of the couple itself and is often praised by her clients for making the event process a wonderful experience and the outcome a personalized event.

Mo Wedding & Events is a platform to reach out to persons interested in celebrating an important event in their life in Italy.

“Mo” is the abbreviation for Monia and all her friends call her that. Once you get to know Monia you’ll be prone to calling her “Mo” too because she’ll make you feel at home.