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Wedding in Tuscany
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Trend setters in the Destination Wedding Industry

We specialize in personalized events !

Specialized in Destination Weddings we are assisting our 2020 couples in making their special day an extraordinary event in Tuscany, Umbria, Abruzzo, and Lazio.

Mo Wedding & Events offers consultation packages for tight budgets, Full-Month Coordination Packages for the hands-on Bride and Full-Wedding Coordination Packages for Destination Weddings!

A Certified Wedding Planner, leading a team of professionals in the wedding industry, is available to discuss your dream wedding.

You'll find Mo Wedding & Events in "Italy's new hot destination" as quoted by CNN, in Abruzzo.

Martina & Bruno's Tuscan Wedding Martina & Bruno

"Monia, even today, after almost one year, I can’t sum up what I felt and what I still feel.  I do not even have the notion of the dimension of everything we were able to do and mainly you.  The result of the wedding was inexplicable.  The feedback from the guests was 'it was something surreal', of so much admiration and mainly mine.  It was a UNIQUE party, that went beyond all limits and it was a beating of emotions, love, joy and beauty.

Laura & James's Italian Destination Wedding Laura & James

"To Monia, Thank you so much for all your help and support in making our wedding a dream.   From organizing our photo shoot in Rome, to the meals out and then our amazing wedding day! We will never forget the week or what you did for us. All our love, Mr. & Mrs. Lucas xxx"

Eleonora & Luca

There is a lot of love and dedication that goes behind planning our Bride's and Groom's Weddings so when they send us heart-warming messages we treasure them! We are now ready to share Eleonora & Luca's message with you all! ⠀⠀ "This morning when I opened my eyes I thought “it was exactly as I dreamed it would be”. If we were able to make everything as magical as our guests found it to be, it is mostly thanks to you Monia. You stood by us and supported us...we will never forget you!"

Lisa & Johannes's Tuscan Wedding Lisa & Johannes

This Christmas I received a special card.  One that I didn’t expect to receive because so much had been said during and after the wedding but Lisa and Johannes took the time to send me a card with a special message.  It read, “Dearest Monia, Thank you so much for all of your timeless support, energy and enthusiasm.  We had such a beautiful wedding and even if the …. (we’ll leave this out for diplomatic reasons) didn’t make life easy for you, you managed to make everything possible. From the bottoms of our hearts THANK YOU! Lisa and Johannes”

Mountain Wedding Meagan & Alberto

Dear Monia Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you! We (Alberto and I, and our families) cannot thank you enough for the absolutely amazing wedding you created for us. Your drive, passion and attention to detail was in every aspect! Our night was spectacular! With much appreciation and gratitude, thank you Meagan & Alberto

Wedding Story Katia & Alex

In my line of work I am given the opportunity to hear and witness love stories that all have a common goal, tying the knot in Italy.  There is no denying that every love story is as different as the couple themselves, but the common thread is the desire of each couple to have close family and friends witness their testament of love for another.  It is an honour that I am given this same opportunity.

Jared & Stacey Stacey & Jared

Where do we even begin with reviewing Monia and her serious wedding planning skills…. First off, we are a couple (American Groom and Canadian Bride) that had a dream of an Italian wedding in Abruzzo over a year ago.

Michela & Nicola

Our wedding was a dream come true! Monia understood right away what our idea of an elegant, refined and ethereal wedding was.  With her innate good-taste, the result was perfect!

Francesca & David Francesca & David

David and I are very much alike so when we decided to get married (that is, when he asked me to marry him) we knew exactly what we wanted…the problem was that we had no idea how to make it come true!!!

Morena Wedding Villa Cardinale Italy Morena Rombolà

Monia, a woman of class and experience assisted me with the organization of a wedding for an American couple in Rome.

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