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Cellphones at Weddings Small

Do cellphones have a place at weddings?

While assisting a colleague in deciding the printwork for her wedding we started addressing the issue of cellphones.  What would be a p...

Destination Wedding Invitation

Invited to a Destination Wedding!

My dearest friend is having her Destination Wedding in Mexico and the invitation has just arrived!!  But I had to give her the sad news...

Wedding Planner Blog Small

What does a Wedding Planner do?

One of the biggest questions still lingering in the Wedding Industry is "What does a Wedding Planner do?"  Many suppliers who've seen m...


Honeymoon, Buddymoon or Familymoon

It's become the newest trend and many couples are doing it!!  Nearly 80% of my couples plan it ahead of time and they're glad they did....

Save the Date Blog Small


The save-the-dates for the 2020 season are ready to be delivered!  Many of you may be asking yourselves what is the point and do guests...

Rice Bags Review

Wedding Details for our Garden Wedding

The launching of the rice after the ceremony is a long-standing tradition.  It symbolizes wishing them with prosperity, fertility and, ...

It's not Where but Why

It’s not so much “where” but “why”!

Your local wedding planner should be answering the question as to “why” you should get married at a certain place, “why” at a ce...

Wedding Favours

Wedding Favours “Made in Italy”

When people visit Italy for the first time there is a huge probability that one of several things may happen.  They will either fall in...

Beach Wedding Bouquet Small

Wedding Bouquets

For wedding enthusiasts, the most important thing we look forward to is seeing what the bride’s dress looks like and what kind of bouq...