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My dog at my wedding

Can Our Dog Attend Our Wedding?

Well, that depends.  I'm going to outline important considerations that will answer the question whether your dog can attend your weddi...

Planning your Wedding

Before Planning your Wedding, Read This!

Putting together a wedding is not an easy task.  Metaphorically speaking, it's like putting together a sports game.  If you think abou...

Cellphones at Weddings Small

Do cellphones have a place at weddings?

There's no denying it!  We can do almost anything with our cellphones.  We can take a picture or video, change the background and ligh...

Destination Wedding Invitation

What to do if invited to a Destination Wedding.

The invitation has just arrived!  My dearest friend is having her Destination Wedding in Mexico.  Wow!  Can you imagine?  The sun, t...

Wedding Planner Blog Small

What does a Wedding Planner do?

What does a Wedding Planner do? This is probably one of the biggest questions still lingering in the Wedding Industry.  Many supplie...

Newest Wedding Trend Blog

The Newest Wedding Trend!

It's become the newest trend and many couples are doing it!!  Nearly 80% of my couples plan it ahead of time and they're glad they did....

Save the Date Wedding

The Great Thing About Save-the-Dates!

The save-the-dates for the 2020 season are ready!  Many of you may be asking yourselves what's the point?  Is it not just like an invi...

It's not Where but Why

Your local wedding planner can help!

It's happened to me.  A request comes in with a list of places where the couple is interested in getting married.  The list almost alw...

Wedding Favors

Five Tips to picking your Wedding Favor!

Are you having a Destination Wedding?  Then this is the blog for you!  These five wedding favor tips will keep you on track when choos...