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Why Italy for your destination wedding?

The number of people coming to Italy to celebrate a special moment like marriage is on the rise.  So those of you contemplating the idea may be wondering what is the big deal about Italy.  We’ve summed up 5 reasons why:

  1.  It is considered the country of love.  Romeo & Juliet, Roman Holiday, To Rome with Love…Italy has offered the scenery for many love stories because, let’s face it, everywhere you look there is a part of history standing monumentally over you.
  2. The Italians love to restore all that is part of history so castles, luxurious villas and historical family farmhouses are restored to their original glory offering couples the opportunity to come in contact with Italian architecture and design, acres and acres of vineyards and olive trees, and, of course, exclusive abandoned villages restored to their original glory.
  3. Good food and great wine.  Need I say more?
  4. More and more couples are choosing the road to “creating memorable moments”.  What could be more memorable then flying off to a foreign country with close friends and family and spending quality time together and celebrating your love for one another?
  5. Italy has become more and more accessible even for those with a tight budget.  The mild weather allows most couples to celebrate outdoors offering the opportunity to choose from an array of locations for any budget.

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