OPCosmetics Italia & Guy Tang - Mo Wedding & Events

OPCosmetics Italia & Guy Tang

When Morena asked me if I was interested in working with her on this event I didn’t know what I was getting into.  She explained that the people organizing this event were young and dynamic people.  They had brought OP Cosmetics to Italy and were a big hit!!!  I knew this was going to be an adventure that I couldn’t pass up so I said yes.  She told me to familiarize myself with the star of the show, Guy Tang, so I started doing my homework.  I started following Guy on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.  This guy was big!!!  He had a ton of followers and I could easily see why.  Time was flying and before I knew it it was the weekend of the event.  What can I say….it was a success!!  We had over 600 people, from all over Europe, come to Rome to see Guy in person.  We were exhausted but the adrenaline rush kept us going.  When you love what you do it shows and working with great people is a huge bonus!

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