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Wedding in Abruzzo

Susie & Jon

"I thought I had popped my clogs (died) and gone to heaven!"  "Best wedding ever!"  "I'm glad we got married first, as we could not be able to better this!"  "Amazing food!"  "Padre Pepe and the church musicians were wonderful!"  "Was I just in a Hollywood movie?"

An English couple’s story about how they MET in Italy, FELL IN LOVE in Italy and, of course, had their wedding in Italy, that is, ABRUZZO, Italy.  This is their story…

It all began in Venice!  Anita, one of our bridesmaids, invited us and friends to a New Year’s Eve Party in 2007/8 by.  At first, Susie thought I was Australian.  Then she was shocked to find out that I actually grew up near her.  My brother, Matt, was her friend.  And my mother, Rossana, her French teacher at school!  What a small world?  A few days later, we had our first kiss in Tagliacozzo in Abruzzo.  That’s when everything began to blossom. 🌺

Jon proposed in ski boots! 💍 We decided to fly to Madonna di Campiglio for our 10th anniversary.  Our plan was to celebrate New Year’s there.  Actually, I could of proposed on the Alitalia flight from London to Milano, as we were the ONLY people on the 110 seater plan but I didn’t.  But, instead, I did it on our first day of skiing.

It happened while we were having lunch on the top at Rifugio Stoppani.  They were serving us a complimentary glass of prosecco.  At that moment I thought to myself NOW WOULD BE PERFECT!  So got down on one KNEE, and said,

“I love that you always follow me to the tops of mountains…

will you do me the honour of following me for the rest of your life?”

Susie said YES!!!

Why Tagliacozzo?  My grandparents grew up in “Sulla Terra” Tagliacozzo, and my mother was BORN there too!  They moved to Oxford, England soon after WWII, but often returned for holidays.  A tradition me and Susie maintain EVERY YEAR now.  There was no doubt, we knew we wanted to get MARRIED ABROAD.  And getting married in Abruzzo, that is, Tagliacozzo, meant having it all!  The MEMORIES, FAMILY FRIENDS, BEAUTIFUL SCENERY, WONDERFUL RESTAURANTS AND BARS, plenty of ACCOMMODATION, and our FAMILY HOME.  More people should have their wedding in Tagliacozzo!

Favorite Wedding Moment

Susie – Being led into Piazza dell’Obelisco, where we were entertained by Abruzzese folk dancers.  I felt so HAPPY to share our special day with the town.

Jon – There were many, but seeing Susie as she first appeared in the doorway of the Church was SPECIAL.  The sunlight dancing on her wedding dress.

Our Wedding in Abruzzo was exactly what we hoped for, AND SO MUCH MORE.  All our ideas came to life!  We met half way up the aisle, ACCOMPANIED by our mothers to the theme music of “Il Postino.”  It was a SPECIAL moment.  San Francesco d’Assisi was included in our prayers for his great love of animals, something we both share.  There were also prayers to love and we sang the Prayer of Saint Francis, which is well known in the UK as Make Me an Instrument of Your Peace.  The musicians and singers who sang Ave Maria and That’s Amore were fantastic!  Following the ceremony, our guests showered us with confetti, danced down to the piazza with the FOLK DANCERS, and had COCKTAILS with us at Luca’s Bar.  Having 2016’s X Factor WINNER, Leslie Sackey, sing for us was the ICING ON THE CAKE!

Our caterers Piccadilly Banqueting matched our elegant and fun theme!  Our team did a great job!

It took MONTHS of planning!  But with the help of our parents, families, friends, and our wonderful wedding planner Monia, it all came together beautifully.  We will never forget our Italian Wedding in Abruzzo!

Location: Palazzo Mastroddi in the lovely Tagliacozzo

Photography by Nabis Photographers in Rome

Hair by Filiberto Parrucchiere

Make up by Valentina Marescalco MUA

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