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Martina & Bruno's Tuscan Wedding

Martina & Bruno

"Monia, even today, after almost one year, I can’t sum up what I felt and what I still feel.  I do not even have the notion of the dimension of everything we were able to do and mainly you.  The result of our TUSCAN WEDDING was inexplicable.  The FEEDBACK from the guests was 'it was something surreal', of so much admiration and mainly mine.  It was a UNIQUE party, that went beyond all limits and it was a beating of emotions, love, joy and beauty.

Eternal gratitude to you Monia who, without you.  I do not know how everything would have come true.  You are a person with a unique heart, who lovingly welcome all my wishes and made them come true.  I admire you for your effort and your impeccable work. 

If I could go back in time, without a doubt, I WOULD CHOOSE YOU AGAIN as my wedding planner.  Everything was very light, it was very beautiful to work with you, and I knew that I could trust you 100%.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for being the person you are, and for making everything more special. 

My wedding without you would not have been the same. Happy to have you in my life. 
THANK YOU !!!!!!! With love, Martina"

This is the story of Martina and Bruno.  And their unforgettable Destination Wedding in Tuscany!

Do you believe in fate or destiny?  That there is a force driving you towards a path leading to your future? This was the case with Martina and Bruno.  Even after two years and living in two separate countries, it seemed that it took just a little social media and a mutual friend to bring them together.

But how did it start?  It all started with a picture!  It was 2014, and a mutual friend was playing matchmaker.  She showed Bruno a picture of Martina that Bruno would never forget.  Martina would later find out that Bruno’s first thought was, “I’m going to marry her!”

One year would have to go by before that same friend would post a video with Bruno.  And it was in that video that Martina would notice him.

Martina would later take a much needed trip San Paolo, Brazil.  And, it’s because of this friend, that the two of them would meet, find solace in one another after having lost a dear family member, and fall in love!

But why Tuscany?  Martina had lived five years in Italy and Tuscany was, by far, her favorite place.  Bruno, who was part Tuscan, loved the idea!  This meant that he could also have family members still living in Italy attend.  So they agreed that Tuscany would be the perfect Wedding Destination!

But they needed a Wedding Planner who could help them.  Someone who could help them bring their ideas to life.  Someone who could bridge the gap between Italy and Brazil.  They needed a planner based in Italy.  Martina had begun her search and found me on instagram.  She had seen the photos of a wedding that a Wedding Photographer she was following had posted.  This lead her to visit my website that convinced her to fill-out the contact form.  We scheduled a call where she talked and I listened.  She had told me that she knew what the style of her wedding would be, Boho.  But she didn’t know where to start nor where to have it.

The Perfect Setting.  We had to find the perfect setting for their wedding.  But first, I had to gather as much information about what she was like, her style and what she was looking for.  And after having taken notes one location stood out in my mind.  It offered open spaces, a breathtaking sunset, and lots of nature.  Not to mention, it also had a lovely Church nearby, up top a hill, to celebrate their religious ceremony.  They loved it!!

They breathed a sigh of relief and could now begin working on their wedding details in Brazil.  Martina began having her dress made and Bruno would be preparing a special dedication for his bride.

The wedding design began to take shape.  Invites were sent out, accommodations sorted for guests and their wedding details were being sorted.  We discussed the mise-en-place, the tables and chairs, the lighting, the flowers, the church decor, the mass booklets, etc.  Several site-inspections later, we were ready!

Martina & Bruno’s Destination Wedding in Tuscany was about to begin!

Their guests arrived from all over and a lovely Welcome Package awaited them in their rooms.  We had planned for their first night a fun-filled Pizza Party.  And Martina’s mother’s favourite flowers, hydrangeas, would decorate the tables.

Guests enjoyed a casual evening talking, dancing and enjoying each other’s company.

The Wedding Day.  A dress code had been implemented and so we expected guests to arrive in their best Cocktail dresses.  They arrived and found the location to be lovely.  The flowers were miticulous, the table setting stunning and the light design amazing.  They were not expecting to find the dining table nestled under cascading lights.  It created the perfect intimacy and the ultimate dining experience.  They had sommelier service and a live band playing in the background.  Brunello was the wine of choice and palettes were tickled by creative and stunning dishes prepared by the chef.   This Destination Wedding in Tuscany had left it’s mark!

When I asked Martina if the wedding was as she envisioned it, she responded,

“Way beyond it!  It was a total dream.  Two months have past and I just can’t believe, when I see the pictures, that that was my wedding.  Monia, you understood perfectly and did an INCREDIBLE job.  Everything was to the highest standard.  Every single vendor was exactly what we wanted and beyond.”

Martina and Bruno, you are a force in the world!  May the love and energy between you continue to bring light and joy in the path of life.

With love and affection,

Monia, your Wedding Planner!


Wedding Location La Pescaia Resort

Catering by Guidi Lenci

Wedding Photography by Andrea Calvano

Wedding Videography by Fabio Stanzione

Wedding Flowers by Roberto Fiori

Lighting by Kaleydo Official

MUA Ideana Orrico

Wine supplied by Enoteca Baccus

Wedding After Party by DJ Dimitri

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