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Can Our Dog Attend Our Wedding?

Well, that depends.  I’m going to outline important considerations that will answer the question whether your dog can attend your wedding.  But first, let me tell you a little more about myself.

Many people don’t know that I’m the owner of three wonderful dogs.  A Labrador, a Poodle and an Italian Waterdog.

The Labrador, bless his soul, has a gentle spirit but is VERY clumsy.

The Poodle, on the other hand, is a quick learner and is always eager to please, BUT, can be anxious at times.

The Waterdog possesses the best qualities of the other two dogs.

So if I had to judge who would be the better candidate to bring to my wedding, it would be, BY FAR, the Italian Waterdog.  He is the calmest of the three with a more balanced temperment.

But, when I got married I only had my Golden Lab.  And whilst I was able to get her in some of my wedding photos, I wish she could have been more present!  So I can relate to my couples asking me if their dog can attend their Destination Wedding.  I’m always excited to let dog-owners know that they CAN bring their dog to their Destination Wedding.  BUT, and there is a but!  As a responsible dog-owner and wedding planner there are some things you should consider BEFORE actually confirming that your dog will be attending.

Here are 6 important tips to make your dog’s attendance a SUCCESS:


This is an obvious one!  That the location actully ALLOWS for animals on the premises.

Some either do or they don’t OR they may have a specific restriction, for example, prohibiting only large size dogs.


That your guests KNOW the dog and are not bothered by its company.

The ideal situation is if all guests already know your family pet so as not to feel uncertain and uneasy around it.


That your dog is WELL-BEHAVED and will not bark or growl at anyone, location staff included!

Barking usually stems from an anxious state so the more balanced its temperment the less likely it will behave in an aggressive manner.


That you have a designated friend or relative that can step in because you will be busy being a gracious host.

A gracious host should always check to see that his/her guests are comfortable and having a good time. Disappearing to take your dog for a potty session is probably not a great idea.  ESPECIALLY on the day of the wedding!!  So I always advise my clients to have a friend or relative step-in to assist.


That you can clean up after the dog or hire a dogsitter who will do that for you, ESPECIALLY on the day of the wedding!

Come rain or shine, you will have to pick-up after after your dog so remember to do so!


Lastly, REMEMBER to take out pet insurance.  Animals, as we already know, will get their hands on things.  So it’s only fair to pay for any damages they’ve caused.

THIS IS SO IMPORTANT!  Many people think about personal insurance and forget to include pet insurance.  Matt Fernell addresses all the in-and-outs of Pet Insurance when travelling ABROAD. CLICK HERE for more insight.

Two Important Things to Remember:

☝ Children and dogs do not always make a great combination. Some of the guests may be bringing their children to your wedding, and we know how curious children can be! Asking your guests to be on the watch out for you dog does not make for a pleasant atmosphere so make sure it’s child-trained.  CLICK HERE to learn more.

✌ A wedding reception is a context very different to what your pet is used to. There’s loud music, kids running around, a lot of movement between staff and guests, that your dog MAY NOT BE USED TO.  This can create great anxiety and you may find your dog behaving in a way that is OUT OF THE ORDINARY.  Be honest about your family pet because your Wedding Day is not the best time to put them to the test.

If, having read all the information, you feel that your dog is the PERFECT CANDIDATE to bring on your Destination Wedding then inform your Destination Wedding Planner right away.  That way he or she can begin illustrating locations that ALLOWS FOR DOGS on the premises.

Here are just some fun ways to have your dog in your photo shoot:

During the ceremony:

👉 Ringbearer – have your dog bring the rings or accompany the ringbearer wearing a humorous wedding sign.

Wedding Details:

👉 Have their collar embellished with your flower selection for a fancy photo shoot.  Or a lovely bow-tie will do the trick.

Photo Session:

👉 Bring your dog along for the photo shoot after the ceremony but have someone on hand to hold the leash when not taking pictures…



Photography by Chris and Ruth Photography.


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