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Before Planning your Wedding, Read This!

Putting together a wedding is not an easy task.  Metaphorically speaking, it’s like putting together a sports game.  If you think about it, it makes perfect sense!  You have your players, coach, captain, referee, and, of course, your hooligans and cheerleaders.  We’ll take you step-by-step through this Sportsfan’s Guide to Wedding Planning.  Explaining why all the members of the team make the game complete.  And why without them, well, it just wouldn’t be the same!

LET’S START WITH THE PLAYERS.  Who are they?  Well, your main players are the bride and groom.  Because they’re the ones calling the shots.  But they’re not the only ones motivated in the game.  The parents of the bride and groom and their siblings want to win too!  Rest assured, they will work together, day and night, if necessary, to win THE game, that is, put together a fabulous wedding day.

AND, OF COURSE, the best way to work together is if everyone knows what their job is on the field, that is, the “plays”.  The plays are your decisions.  Each decision, will take you one step closer to a successful wedding day.  And viceversa.  So if a play is not working then the players know they need to take action.  They know they have to “up their game” or step-in.  For example, if a bride can’t pick-up the invites, most likely the groom or a sibling will step-in and do that for her.

BUT, WHO PUTS TOGETHER THE PLAYS?  Well, that would be your coach.  But not just anyone can be a coach.  A good coach is “positive, enthusiastic, supportive, trusting, focused, goal-oriented, knowledgeable, observant, respectful, patient and a clear communicator.”  Does anyone come to mind that could fill these shoes?  No?  Well I do.  This would be your Wedding Planner.  Click here to see what wedding planning options are available to you today.

A WEDDING PLANNER has the positivity needed to put together a wedding.  Is enthusiastic for you and delighted to indulge in your wedding details.  Is focused, trusting and goal-oriented so has an interest in winning the game.  But you cannot forget that your Wedding Planner brings forth the knowledge that you’ll need to call the right plays.  This could mean the right wording to putting together the perfect invitation, advice on how to stay within your budget and the solution to designing the feel or style of your wedding day.  Ergo, the plays!  The Coach knows enough about the game to make sure you play within the rules and avoid getting fouls or, even worse, expelled from the game!

BUT WHO WOULD HAVE THE POWER TO DO THAT?  Well, that would be your referee or “ref”.  Your ref “is responsible for presiding over the game from a neutral point of view and making on-the-fly decisions that enforce the rules of the sport” so…in other words, the ref’s are all the rules and regulations stipulated by the location, Town Hall, municipality, Church, and any institution with the power to shut down the game.  You don’t like the refs but your Wedding Planner knows that you have to be courteous and respectful towards them, and most likely will give you advice as to how you can still put together a lovely wedding without offending the refs.  That is, your Wedding Planner will make sure you play by abiding by the rules.

We’ve covered the players, coach and referees.  And I hope you’re still following me.  Yes?  Great!

Let’s consider some important facts when putting together a game:

1. A GAME is held in “a clearly defined area in which to play”.  So this would be your location.  Just as the area defines the boundaries within which the game is played, the location provides the context within which the wedding will be held.

2. THE MORE PLAYERS THERE ARE the more chances you have in winning!  BUT, you don’t want too many players on the field or else you risk losing control.  So, of course, you can add additional players to your team but you need to choose them wisely.  These would be your bridesmaids and groomsmen.  The criteria is usually to select someone that knows you and cares about you.  So much so that they won’t shy away from the responsability.  And even if you’ve found someone or more than one person who fits this criteria you’ll still need an assist to keep them in line.  Someone that will listen to your requests and will know how to treat these players accordingly, so your CAPTAINS.  That would be your maid-of-honor and best-man.

3. A coach and a captain CANNOT WORK ALONE.  They will need support from people who can add more knowledge to the game.  That’s where your defensive and offensive coaches, your special teams coach, and strength and conditioning coaches come in.  They are perks that give your team a WINNING EDGE.  Together, they get the players ready and step-in when needed.  So these would be your suppliers.  Your hair and make-up artists, musicians, florists, caterers, photographers and videographers.

We’ve exhausted all the MEMBERS of the sports team.

BUT, WHAT ABOUT your hooligans and cheerleaders, who are not part of the team but add that special something to your day.  “Hooligans”, is a term used lightly in this blog to help get the message across, are your noise-makers, complainers.  They are the ones that, no matter what you do, are not happy with the plays and they’re not afraid to let you know how they feel.  The cheerleaders, on the other hand, no matter how things go, are happy to be there, will cheer you on until the end, and is always there with a comforting word and smile.

So WHO are your “hooligans” and cheerleaders, metaphorically speaking?  They are your GUESTS.  I have yet to experience a wedding in which there wasn’t a “hooligan”.  And the bride and groom need to understand that these people will drain you if you give them too much attention.  They will drain your enthusiasm, your happiness and your energy.  You want to give more time to your cheerleaders.  They will share in your excitement and always have a kind word or a shoulder to cry on.  The cheerleaders are the ones that make you feel good.

You may be wondering, why do there have to be “hooligans” at the wedding?  Can’t there just be the “cheerleaders”?  Well, to not invite the “hooligans” could mean not inviting a special aunt or uncle.  People that you love deeply.  That most likely don’t mean to criticize or express unhappiness but it’s just their nature.  Perhaps, they think that you value their input but without thinking about the consequences it may have on you.   And it’s because you know it’s in their nature that you couldn’t possibly NOT invite them.  They mean too much!

So you see, you NEED everyone.  Your players, coach, captain, referee, your “hooligans” and cheerleaders.  Together they make your Wedding Day complete.  Without them, well, it just wouldn’t be the same!

We hope you’ve enjoyed The Sportsfan’s Guide to Wedding Planning.

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