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Mountain Wedding

Meagan & Alberto

Dear Monia Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you! We (Alberto and I, and our families) cannot thank you enough for the absolutely amazing wedding you created for us. Your drive, passion and attention to detail was in every aspect! Our night was spectacular! With much appreciation and gratitude, thank you Meagan & Alberto

Meagan had first contacted me in July, 2017 from Australia and they were in need of a wedding planner that could organize their wedding here in Italy.  They already had the answers to the fundamental first questions when deciding to get married in Italy.  The when, where and why.

You see, most couples choose Italy as their wedding destination because they are either fulfilling a dream or coming back to a country they’ve visited before and can’t get enough of.  But Meagan and Alberto had so many more reasons to get married in Italy.  Meagan had taken a flight from Australia to visit the hometown of her grandfather who was originally from Italy.  It was during this trip that she met Alberto not knowing that he was going to be the love of her life.  So it made perfect sense to get married in the exact place where they met and where both their families were from.

The journey towards bringing their Destination Wedding to life was adventurous and filled with creativity.  Initially it was to be held in a castle but was later decided that an outdoor Mountain Wedding was what they really wanted, with a handmade archway and entranceway, hints of past and present, traces of loved ones already gone, followed by a magical Garden Reception in a beautiful Italian Villa where a cascade of lights awaited them and their guests.

It was truly magical as is their love for one another!  I wish them both a lifetime of happiness and joy!!

With affection,

Monia, your Wedding Planner


Wedding Photographer: Myriam Fossellini

Wedding Videographer: Giuseppe Galatà

Wedding Location: The Italian Garden Villa and the Abruzzo Mountains

Caterer: Piccadilly Banqueting

Flower Designer: Rossana Fina

Makeup by: Arianna Pulsoni

Hair Stylist: Antonio Pompilio

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