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Lisa & Johannes's Tuscan Wedding

Lisa & Johannes

This Christmas I received a special card.  One that I didn’t expect to receive because so much had been said during and after the wedding but Lisa and Johannes took the time to send me a card with a special message.  It read, “Dearest Monia, Thank you so much for all of your timeless support, energy and enthusiasm.  We had such a beautiful wedding and even if the …. (we’ll leave this out for diplomatic reasons) didn’t make life easy for you, you managed to make everything possible. From the bottoms of our hearts THANK YOU! Lisa and Johannes”

This wedding had everything that you could possibly want in a Tuscan Destination Wedding.  If you had a checklist it would go something like:

Tuscany Countryside view, check;

Beautiful Historical Italian Villa, check;

Great food, check;

Beautiful flowers everywhere, check;

Wonderful reception table, check;

Showstopping moments, check;

Great speeches and everyone having a great time, check;

Great weather, check;

Great music and dancing, check.

I remember Johannes first contacting me in 2018 with a short but precise message as to what they were looking for in Italy and if I could help.  From there we were in contact almost every day giving me an opportunity to understand and appreciate more what Lisa and Johannes wanted.  It was clear to me, before they arrived on tour, which location was right for them.

They had booked the Wedding Tour, an opportunity to visit up to three locations before making up their mind.  What happened next was an adventurous tour through Tuscany (Lisa and Johannes know what I’m referring to) and then something happened that could have changed their Wedding Day forever. Lisa and Johannes had decided that they wanted to skip a location.  They just weren’t convinced it was the right one for them.  Now you have to understand that I had taken in all the details and expectations that they had for their wedding day and I knew that this location was exactly what they were looking for, but, they had made up their mind based on the webpage.  Some websites just don’t do much justice to the location but I insisted they take just a peak “we were going to pass it on the way to the next location anyhow”.  They agreed and what happened next was magical.  Lisa began to smile and Johannes understood that his bride had fallen in love with this location.  The rest, as they say, is history.

In the next months that followed I assisted in putting together Lisa and Johannes’s beautiful Tuscan Destination Wedding!

I had the honour of bringing their dream wedding to life and I wish them a lovely future together!

With love and affection,

Monia, your Wedding Planner

Wedding Photographer: Chris and Ruth Photography

Wedding Location: Villa Mangiacane

Flower Designer: Simone Bertini Flower

Watercolour Artwork: Mercury Design

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