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The Great Thing About Save-the-Dates!

The save-the-dates for the 2020 season are ready!  Many of you may be asking yourselves what’s the point?  Is it not just like an invite?  No, it’s NOT the same thing and a save-the-date HAS A PURPOSE, especially in Destination Weddings!

First of all, a save-the-date is exactly as it sounds.  It’s a more formal way of saying “on this date you have plans with us SO DON’T MAKE OTHER PLANS”.  But that’s not all.  It’s an elegant way to inform close friends and families that an important event will be taking place, that is, your wedding.  And, most importantly, that their presence would make that day all the more special.

If you think about it, a wedding is JUST NOT THE SAME if the people you care about the most aren’t there.  This is where a save-the-date will IMPROVE THE ODDS of your guests attending.  Especially when it comes to destination weddings!

Let’s start with a description of what constitutes a Destinaton Wedding!
A Destination Weddings implies that your guests will have to book a flight, possibly a train or bus to cover the distance of at least 200km to get to your wedding location.  Have their documents in order.  Leave their homes and precious things for a short period of time.  And most of all, travel to a country they’ve never been to before.  So, of course, it is a kind gesture to give them AMPLE TIME TO PREPARE for this.

When to send your save-the-dates?
In order for a save-the-date to serve it’s purpose, it should be given to guests at least one year priorInvitations can follow six months prior to the wedding date.  That’s right, an invitation will follow.  So really a save-the-date gives an opportunity for your guests to plan their attendance ahead of time and BUDGET FOR YOUR DESTINATION WEDDING.

So what goes on them?
They are personalized therefore they will have you and your partner’s name on it, the date of the event, and where the event will take place.  By giving your guests enough notice you will have a higher success rate in the number of guests attending and those dearest to you will thank you for it!

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