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Honeymoon, Buddymoon or Familymoon

It’s become the newest trend and many couples are doing it!!  Nearly 80% of my couples plan it ahead of time and they’re glad they did.

That’s right, honeymoon’s are no longer the biggest trends in Destination Weddings.  Many couples are now planning buddymoon’s, that is, their holiday time after their wedding as newlyweds with friends, or familymoon’s, with family.  Whether it’s visiting famous cities together, booking a Villa with a pool or spending time at the beach, it has become part of the package in Destination Weddings.

Why the new trend?  It was once a rare treat and an expensive one to go on holidays by air or cruise.  So many couples, with the assistance of monetary gifts given at their wedding, could finally afford this extravagance.

Boy, have things changed!  The cost to fly or navigate at sea has become extremely accessible and couples have a chance to go on trips every year, sometimes even more than once.  Many have already begun living together before actually entering into marriage.  With so many opportunities to spend time alone the need for a romantic honeymoon just doesn’t make sense.  So why not make it a fun one!  Invitations are extended to friends or family to join them or, in some cases, planned together with those attending.  The end result is a fun-filled holiday with friends or family or both, a continuation in the wedding celebrations with those special people who come a long way to celebrate your special day!