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The Newest Wedding Trend!

It’s become the newest trend and many couples are doing it!!  Nearly 80% of my couples plan it ahead of time and they’re glad they did.

If you’re thinking buddymoons or familymoons then you are right!  Couples today are becoming more inclined to continue their “honeymoon” with others!!  It’s like a mini-vacation with their close friends, hence buddymoons.  Or in some cases, with their families, so familymoons.  Whether it’s visiting famous cities together, booking a house on airbnb or spending time at the beach, it has become a group event.

Why the new trend?  Well, in the case of destination weddings, it’s a rare treat to have all your friends and family together in an amazing place.  How often does that happen?  And more often than not they’ve taken holiday time to be at your wedding.  So why not continue the festivities in touring the area or booking a beachside location after you’ve had your Italian Villa wedding?

Really, why not?

It’s not that you don’t love each other or that the romance is gone.  You’ve probably been living together for some time and most likely you’ve done the intimate holiday thing.  Almost all of my couples have already begun living together before actually getting married.  So you see, you are not alone!  The need for a romantic honeymoon just doesn’t make sense.  That’s why you’re more likely interested in a fun one.

The end result is a memorable holiday with friends or family or both, a continuation in the wedding celebrations with those special people who came a long way to celebrate your special day!!  I couldn’t think of a better holiday, can you?

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