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Wedding Butterflies

How can you incorporate your interest in butterflies into your wedding theme?  Well, of course, there are butterflies that usually present themselves about 24-48 hours prior to your wedding, also called gitters, but we’re talking about the kind that can embellish your wedding favours and accentuate escort or place cards.  If the thought of butterflies puts a smile on your face then why not have them in your wedding design?

In this particular project our bride was interested in a vintage theme and so we had to find the perfect butterflies for this theme.  We found that a laser cut product gave the perfect detailing and, as suggested by our supplier, the laser would provide the smoked edges giving our butterfly an aged look.  The outcome was a pink watercoloured butterfly with brown smoked edges.  Our bride loved it!

We encourage our brides & grooms to talk about their interests and passions.  Our job is to offer solutions in making a wedding theme a personalized event.  Follow us on Facebook and Instagram where we will continue posting images that came out of this beautiful project.

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