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Wedding Bouquets

For wedding enthusiasts, the most important thing we look forward to is seeing what the bride’s dress looks like and what kind of bouquet she will be holding.  Can you imagine a bride walking down the aisle with nothing in her hand?

It seems unimaginable!  A bouquet adds elegance, grace and composure to what would otherwise seem like a simple stroll in the park.  Without her bouquet it would seem like the bride was missing something, so where did it all start.

Today’s definition of a bouquet is “an attractively arranged bunch of cut flowers (we’ll consider the ceremonial version) carried at a ceremony.”  History would have that its primary purpose was to mask odour for people bathed far too infrequently.  This would imply that a bouquet had a practical purpose thus the choice of flowers were driven by its scent.

Another version of history would imply that the bouquet emanated from ancient Rome, used as decoration symbolizing new beginnings, fidelity and fertility.  There is yet another version implying that herbs were used as a talisman to keep away evil spirits and bad luck, or as an aphrodisiac to enhance passion and love between the bride and groom.

In any case, today the bouquet has taken on a new twist.  Brides are free to choose among an array of flowers, greenery, succulents, berries, and pretty much whatever one can get their hands on.  It is an expression of personal style and with such a vast selection of materials at a bride’s disposal they have become significant works of art.  And thank goodness!!  From constructed to deconstructed, colourful to pastel, bouquets have evolved, and gladly so, to becoming extraordinary, and that is what we at Mo Wedding & Events specialize in.  The extraordinary!!

This year we will be sharing new trends with our brides, inspiring them with big luscious flowers and small accents of romance!  Greenery and whites will be predominating some colour palettes and ribbons will be flowing here and there!  Follow us on facebook @Moweddingevents and instagram mowedding_events and let us inspire you!

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