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Five Tips to picking your Wedding Favor!

Are you having a Destination Wedding?  Then this is the blog for you!  These five wedding favor tips will keep you on track when choosing your wedding favor and is a great checklist if you’ve already jotted down some ideas.

Wedding Favor Tip #1

Get to know your destination!

Ask yourself, what is that country or region known for?  For example, you most likely know Tuscany for it’s wine.  But did you know they make great Cantucci cookies?  Or if you love cigars gift Tuscan ones.

Wedding Favor Tip #2

It should be genuinely made in that country!

There is nothing genuine if your favor is “made in China”.  Italy, for example, specializes in products “Made in Italy” and they are branded that way.  You’ll find items to suit any budget and most likely you can get it personalized as well.  This also gives your guests an opportunity to take back a piece of that country with them!

Wedding Favor Tip #3

Luggage Space.

If your guests are bringing a carry-on then the smaller the wedding favor the better!  For liquids 100ml is the maximum allowed in carry-ons.  Did you know that you can get olive oil in 100ml bottles?  Take a look at the personalized olive oil bottles we prepared at our last Tuscan wedding.

Wedding Favor Tip #4

The wedding favor should be a representation of the destination but ALSO of your guest. 

You don’t want to give your guests wine bottles if they’re more beer drinkers.  So think about what your guests are all about and pick something that you know they will love.

Wedding Favor Tip #5

Think outside the box.

Textiles, ceramics, wood or glass, just to name a few.  What objects do you normally use around the house?  And ask yourself, “would I love to have a cheese tray that reminded me of a lovely destination wedding I attended?”  The answer is most likely YES.

I hope you enjoyed these five tips to picking your wedding favor.  They should give you the confidence you need in deciding which one is right for you.  When you’ve narrowed down your list of items you can have fun searching for the right packaging on search engines like Pinterest or Instagram.

If you still feel unsure about what’s available to you then drop me a line.  I’m happy to help!

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