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Wedding Cake Inspiration

Deciding what your special day should look like can be stressful.  You want it to be unique yet even having to make a choice as to what colours or flowers that will influence your wedding design may be overwhelming.  I won’t deny that deciding the style of your wedding is a tricky process.  You begin with an array of images that all seem pretty and yet you don’t know which one represents you.  This is usually where my assistance becomes most valuable, so my advice to you is to find inspiration even from what seems like the last detail of the wedding ceremony.  In other words, you may feel pressured to look at wedding dress ideas or bouquets but you may find inspiration even from a lovely wedding cake posted on Instagram or Pinterest.  You may fall in love with a certain style of cake, colours used in the glaze, flowers or fruit used for embellishment, or you could find “the cake” that you “absolutely want” at your wedding.  So you see, the last important element of your wedding could be the starter to your creativity process so “have your cake and eat it too”, after all, it helped style your wedding.

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