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Do cellphones have a place at weddings?

While assisting a colleague in deciding the printwork for her wedding we started addressing the issue of cellphones.  What would be a pleasant way to let guests know that cellphones were not appreciated by the bride and groom?  Would we be witty about it or straight to the point?

“The bride and groom would love to look into your eyes and see your smile,

so cellphones can be put away for a while.” or

“A professional photographer has been hired,

so that cellphones could be retired.”

Whatever the wording, in an age where everyone is looking to immortalize every single moment of their lives through their cellphone we find guests missing out on the fun and emotion of celebrating a magical day with the bride and groom.  I see it all too often…before the bride actually walks into the church the guests have already armed themselves with cellphones ready to take the next shot.  The bride and groom walk in unable to lock eyes with their guests because they’ve all positioned their cellphone devices in front of their faces.  A magical moment lost!

Guests have become too indulged in taking photos with their cellphones, oblivious to what is going on around them.  As if they are on a mission!  They are unable to notice the music that is playing in the background.  Music that was chosen to set the perfect mood.  Unaware of the flowers lined up at the aisle. Flowers that were selected to embellish a beautiful church or garden. Because they are too focused on catching a close-up of the bride or groom.  In the meantime, a professional wedding photographer hired by the couple is zigzagging his or her way around these guests.  The wedding photographer finds elbows, shoulders, and hands popping in front of the camera.  The perfect shot lost again!

No one wants a guest who’s more interested in their technological devices than sharing this moment with them.  My suggestion to you is to leave cellphones in your pockets and handbags.  Besides, a wedding photographer will do a far better job in taking the photos!

Enjoy watching the bride and groom walk-down-the-aisle, listen to them share their vows, participate in throwing the confetti, and just have a great time celebrating!  They can later enjoy watching the photos delivered by the wedding photographer where they can see smiling faces or emotional tears.  A photo they will cherish!

Photo by Nabis Wedding Photographers