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Eleonora & Luca

There is a lot of love and dedication that goes behind planning our Bride's and Groom's Weddings so when they send us heart-warming messages we treasure them! We are now ready to share Eleonora & Luca's message with you all! ⠀⠀ "This morning when I opened my eyes I thought “it was exactly as I dreamed it would be”. If we were able to make everything as magical as our guests found it to be, it is mostly thanks to you Monia. You stood by us and supported us...we will never forget you!"

Eleonora, a journalist from a small picturesque town in the hills of Abruzzo, Sante Marie, and Luca a self-employed technician from the Capital city of Rome, first contacted me because they needed a Wedding Planner that could help them get from A, what they envisioned their wedding day to look like, to B, bringing everything to life.  What came to life was a ceremony held in the warmth and familiarity that only a small-town could offer and a reception filled with elegance and excitement just like the big-city.

Eleonora, married in the Church where her mother once married and walked the same steps that her mother once walked, accompanied by her guests, on foot, to the old Church situated up-top the town.  It was filled with ‘babies-breath’, her favourite flowers, and candles.  The welcome bags filled with essentials and ceremony booklets awaited their guests at the pews.  The town gathered outside the entrance to watch the bride make her entrance while her groom anxiously awaited her inside the Church.  What followed was a beautiful ceremony and everyone cheered the happy couple.

Guests then made their way to an historical Palace positioned just between both the town and the city and enjoyed an aperitivo in the garden, an elegant dinner in the lovely affresco hall and the festivities continued into the wee hours with a surprise casino party and open-bar.  This small-town wedding had taken on the big-city life and guests enjoyed every minute of it.  The wedding cake, a revisited version of the traditional fruit-cake that grandma would make, in a celiac version for the bride to enjoy with her guests, and grandma loved it!

But most of all the bride and groom had celebrated their magical day as they envisioned it!

I wish you a lifetime of familiarity, tranquility and excitement!

Your Wedding Planner.

Wedding Photographer: Reportage di Matrimoni

Wedding Videographer: Fabio Stanzione Films

Caterer: Piccadilly Banqueting

Wedding Florist: Oltre il Giardino in Ortucchio

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