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What does a Wedding Planner do?

One of the biggest questions still lingering in the Wedding Industry is “What does a Wedding Planner do?”  Many suppliers who’ve seen me in action are amazed at the detail and care that goes behind every decision and immensely pleased with the outcome.  These same suppliers have asked me to address this issue and this is my perspective as a Certified Canadian Wedding Planner based in Italy.

I’m going to start by sharing my motto with you “As your Destination Wedding Planner I will support, guide and represent your best interests in obtaining and bringing-to-life your Dream Wedding in Italy!”

But what does this mean?

In practical terms this means that I will be your “go to” person when in doubt.  In many cases this offers a great deal of psychological and emotional support for the bride and groom and their family members.  I’ve had brides and grooms breathe a sense of relief upon hiring me as their Destination Wedding Planner because they no longer felt the pressure to have to know the answer to every question regarding their wedding off the top of their head, nor the stress to have to organize all the details to make it a success or, in many cases, knowing what their job was and the rest was being taken care of by me meant they could enjoy the process and not sweat the small stuff.  This is especially important when planning your wedding overseas.

Being the “go to” person is not something to be taken lightly.  There is a great deal of responsibility that comes with that but when you are a professional and when the best interests of the couple are placed above all things you cannot do wrong.  I am the person that will insist you visit a location because I’m certain it is the right one for your wedding.  I am the person that will insist on a rehearsal making sure that everyone involved in the wedding ceremony feels at ease that day.  I am the person that will instruct suppliers to change, modify or replace details because “it just works better that way.”  I am the “go to” person.

This is where ethics overrule convenience or comfort.  And this is where a great deal of work goes behind putting together a Dream Destination Wedding.  It starts with suggesting the perfect location for your wedding, the best suppliers for your wedding team and coordinating the day of the wedding so that you don’t have to.

I hope I’ve exhausted any doubts you may have as to what a Wedding Planner or Destination Wedding Planner should be doing for you and am available if you have any questions.

Monia Murzilli

Certified Canadian Wedding Planner

Photo by Nabis Photographers